Ask Emma Anything - The Human Design Podcast #273

podcast May 06, 2023

In this episode, we're doing something a little fun and different for our second "ask Emma Anything". I'm joined by my operations manager Taylor, and we're doing an "Ask Emma Anything" podcast that we plan to do each month, where you can submit your questions ahead of time and ask us, well, anything!

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We had some fabulous questions again this time around with more "Emma rants" included, here's what we touch on:

  • Line 5s, the ability to facilitate transformation, and boundaries.
  •  Projectors, invitations and correct timing
  • Recognising projections early on and feeling triggered
  • Emotional Authority and finding clarity.
  • The "mysteriousness" of the Line 5, being guarded, and truly feeling seen.
  • Money and the Profile Lines (I get specific and share about the line number of the Pearl - Your Personality Jupiter)
  • Focus - Knowing where to start, where you're going and how you're getting there on your personal growth journey (and of course with Human Design)


I trust that you got loads of value out of this episode, and I know that when one person asks a question, the answer will help SO many others, so thank you for being vulnerable, playing along and submitting your questions to us!



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