Private Coaching

You're Designed For More

My 1:1 coaching program runs for a 3 month minimum and consists of a session every two weeks and my number one goal is for you to become aligned, empowered and unstoppable.

To achieve your potential you must fall in love with YOU, clean up, clear out and reprogram your behaviour and of course learn to live in alignment through your Human Design.

I believe we are here to be the best version of ourselves and that we all have a responsibility to at the very least pursue our best with commitment, courage and determination.


Transformation is my Superpower, I know I can transform humans and those humans can influence and change many more humans.


Emma has the extraordinary ability to transform people fast!!  She works with clients to create results way beyond what they believed they were capable of.

It is her mission to work with the greatest leaders of our time to meet their most expanded potential and go on to influence millions to do the same.

Emma has 17 years study and training in human behaviour, coaching and is a trained Master Coach, qualified as an eDISC and Meta Profiling analyst, a certified Human Design Coach and Human Behaviour Junkie with a natural talent of reading people.

Yvette Mayer

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How The Program Works


Over the 3 months of the program I am with you the entire way, meaning you have access to me between sessions if you have questions or you need to check in or if you fall into the fear bucket and need a hand out (a little humour there :)).

I work with those brave enough to put their hand up for greatness!

There are too many people out there right now NOT stepping into their Power because of fear, they are trapped in the old way of doing things, thinking and not feeling and growing more and more frustrated by not creating the results they know they can achieved.

We live in a time where we all must rediscover our unique voice, ‘our way’ and courageously and completely step into it.

It does take courage to be the fullest expression of you because we live in a world that thinks it’s ok to judge, criticise and tare down others and sadly this stops you from becoming powerful and happy and in my opinion that’s not good enough!!

It’s time to stop letting fear get in the way of greatness and authenticity.

I know for sure that we can all live our fullest potential with the right knowledge, experience and guidance and what we need is to master the super-computer between our ears and reconnect the heart in our chest.

I have learned that people need to upgrade their thinking and rewire their brain for success, happiness and fulfilment and those who have learned to honour who they are on the inside through their Human Design become powerful and unapologetically themselves.


"Emma has superhuman powers. She takes the time to listen and understand your space…

I’ve had the privilege of working with Emma a few times now, and each time has enabled me to get to move onwards and upwards in my career."

Kieran Weir – Head of Publishing Riot Games (Oceana)

Who The Program Is For


I take clients that are ready to take the leap, tired of putting up with the same old BS, ready to move through fear and personal judgements and transcend what’s been holding them back so they can feel the exhilaration of being the fullest version of themselves.

  • My 1:1 program is for you if you are ready to take your career and your life to the next level.
  • My 1:1 program is for you if you know that you’re holding yourself back and you’re done putting up with it!
  • My 1:1 program is for you if you know fear has been stopping you and you know you it’s time to step in so you can help others

If you’re ready to become the best version of yourself, master your career and create lasting positive change through leading yourself and others, book a discovery call using the button below!

Private Coaching Investment (Includes a 1-year membership in The Human Design Experience)

$4444 AUD/Month - Paid Monthly For 3 Months


Approximate Price Conversions (subject to change based on current exchange rates)

USD $2890/month for 3 months

Euro $2870/month for 3 months

CA $3880/month for 3 months


"Emma has given me the confidence to follow my dreams and most importantly my instincts! Working through the insecurities that were holding me back and helping me to see my value and what I can achieve. From simple strategies, tools and philosophies to the hard truths, Emma delivered them all in her inspirational yet professional manner. To finish a session with Emma makes you feel invincible and ready to start applying it all."

Jaci Norris – Workforce Development and Business Support Manager Breakthru