Emma Dunwoody

Human Design & Master Coach


"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are"


Ever since I was tiny, I've despised being told what to do...

More specifically being told who I am supposed to be, and because of that I have dedicated my life to learning who I am and how to do life and business on my terms.

We’re all just wanting to live a life where we fully love and accept ourselves and can be who we are and experience success, abundance and love.

I have long known that all the answers to abundance, freedom and love are inside of us all, we really do know what’s best for us, however it took me years to work out how to access those answers

If you’re keen to unlock your inner wisdom, let go of that old conditioning and really live the life you’re here to live then you’re in the right place!

It’s time to become your own Guru.


Our Services

I am an expert in getting the best out of people and empowering YOU to be your own Guru and create your own heaven on earth…


Your Human Design – on a level you’ve never seen and experienced before to give you exactly how you’re Designed to be and what you’re Designed to do in the world. This is THE place to learn it all.



Beyond a simple human design reading, these sessions draw on my superpowers to bring together the story of who you are and how you can get out of your own way to live your truth.


1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to play your A game? I work with people who are ready to transform, live their truth and take back their power so buckle up, it’s going to be a mind blowing experience!


Learn how you're designed to interact with the world around you.

Ever wonder what the arrows are at the top of your Human Design chart? These represent the 4 transformations and tell you how you can best interact with the world around you and take in information from the external world.

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New Programs in 2022!

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Purpose + Abundance Intensive

A 6-week intensive where I will give you everything you need to create abundance and connect to your unique purpose using your Human Design.


Shadow Program

Get out of the constant loop of being aware of your shadow, but not actually knowing how to do the work to HEAL that shadow. In this program we will dive deep into the shadow work for transformation.


Human Design 101

New to Human Design and just want to know where to start? This is a super affordable program to get started with Type, Strategy, Authority & Profile so you can get into alignment!


The Human Design Podcast

Human Design is the ultimate tool in becoming your most authentic self and will wake you up to your potential, purpose and authenticity.

In my podcast I discuss how to learn, understand and live in alignment with your Design and who your really are.

Are you ready to transform and step into your power?

Are you done with living by other people’s rules?

Yes? Then it’s time to listen to the podcast and set yourself free!

“Human Design is who I’ve always dreamed of being and now I have permission to be her” – Stacey


A Little About Emma

“I’m done pussy footing around, I came here to experience this thing called life, to find out for myself how to be in the magic of life and ease, flow, abundance and do my part for the huge transformation our world is going through.”

Emma has been studying human behaviour for 17 years, a trained Master Coach & accredited Meta Dynamics, eDISC and Human Design Transformational Coach. Emma has coached 1,000’s of hours to assist client’s own their power, expand their confidence and discover their true authenticity.

“I have blown my life up in every way and consciously put it back together, I created my health, wealth, happiness and abundance and so can you”

“It’s time for people to live their truth, to believe in their power, to trust their desires, skills, excitement, intuition and authenticity….you wouldn’t be searching if you weren’t meant to!”

Working With Emma

Are you really ready to change? I only work with those ready to transform, to get in the trenches and clean up everything that was holding them back. It’s time to give up the safety of the hustle, forcing yourself to do what you think you need to to get ahead, time to stop BSing yourself and become magical as you follow what lights you up and discover the secret to ease and flow, our natural birth right! Working with me you’ll master your mind, body and spirit through mindset, Human Design and self worth.

What Others Are Saying

"“As a client of Emma’s, I can’t say enough good things about her. She is powerful. Her knowledge of Human Design has guided my life to new heights…Emma is an expert at navigating the waves of your life. She’s real, raw, and always on your side. I thank her from the bottom of my heart, and if you choose to work with her, you soon will be speaking the same words. If you needed a sign, let this be it."

Jenna Rossi
1:1 Coaching Client and Energy Coach

"To put it simply I would not be where I am today as a coach if it was not for Emma."

Alana Thomas
Head Coach for the Melbourne Rebels W

"Emma Dunwoody is a very special force of nature. Working with Emma you will discover more about yourself than you thought possible. Her style is open and honest and her understanding of Human Design sets her apart – imagine looking into a mirror and seeing yourself for the first time. I can honestly say that there is no part of my life that is not better for knowing and working with Emma."

Donal Kearney

"Emma has superhuman powers"

Kieren Weir
Head of Publishing Oceana Riot Games

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