Your path to purpose & prosperity

If you're tired of trading your hours for dollars, not feeling fully aligned to your purpose and not doing the work that you're obsessed with...then it's time to unlock the code to your prosperity so you can live a life of freedom, abundance, ease and joy.

Come join us to finally step off the beaten path and march to the beat of your own drum in this 8-week study group

hosted by Jess Bubbico

Starts March 7th

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what even is prosperity?

and why you don't feel prosperous (yet)...


Prosperity is about so much more than just money, let me prove it to you...

Have you ever met someone who has all the money in the world, but they're miserable?

Have you ever met someone who doesn't have an abundance of money, but they're extremely happy and fulfilled?

How can both be true?...

Because true prosperity is about a deep feeling of purpose, being aligned to your values, doing work that you're obsessed with and making the impact you know you're here to have...

The mistake most people make when they seek abundance and prosperity, is that they only focus on an accumulation of money, or they try to blow up their life to get it...

But what if you could instead create a life of prosperity that reaches into every corner of your life? You work, your relationships, your sense of self-worth, your time and your finances?

Your unique expression of prosperity is hard-wired into your DNA, and you're allowed to access it...

You just haven't been taught how (yet)

The truth is, you don't have to "blow up" your life or do something radical to gain more prosperity...

If you've been struggling to find purpose and meaning in your work and you feel stuck, we're going to show you the simple tweaks you can make to create more flow, ease and effortlessness, no matter where you are now in the journey...

What IF you could stop "searching" for your purpose and what you're supposed to be doing, and have a deep knowing of what you're here to do and how you're here to do it?

What IF you could strop striving and struggling for success, and create a life that is in excess of abundance and prosperity?

What IF you could stop making yourself wrong or being ashamed of your uniqueness, and know that these are your superpowers that allow you to make the impact you want to have?

What IF you could stop feeling stressed, burnt out and lost in your career or business, and do work you're absolutely obsessed with that draws the right clients to you?

What IF you could stop trading your precious time and energy for money, and have the freedom to work on your own time and by your own rules, without sacrificing abundance?

In this 8-week study group, this is exactly what you're going to do...

You will be activated to think differently about your personal definition of prosperity

You will gain the knowledge and understanding you need of how you are uniquely designed to create a prosperous life

You will unlock the prosperity deep with you

Does this sound like the kind of freedom that you would do anything for?

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What's inside the journey to unlock your prosperity?

Weekly Live Sessions

Live session each week hosted by Jess Bubbico to walk you through the process of unlocking your prosperity through the frame of your Pearl Sequence

Replays & Resources

Lifetime access to all the replays and resources provided so you don't miss a thing, and can go back over the material and deepen your learning


This will be a small group where you will feel supported, seen and heard. You can ask questions, get clarity and feel taken care of in this setting

What is the Pearl Sequence?


In this program, you will be using a combination of your Human Design and The Gene Keys to unlock the code to your prosperity

The Gene Keys takes the numbers from your Human Design chart, expands on them and creates something called The Golden Path

The Gene Keys and golden path sequences teach us about our purpose, love and prosperity, but are often difficult and confusing to understand in the traditional way they are written

If you don't know anything about the gene keys, you can still join this program (that's the whole point)...

We're taking this information and bringing it back down to earth for you to access in a practical and tangible way, so you can get RESULTS.

No fluffy, confusing or esoteric language.

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What you'll uncover on this journey


The Pearl Sequence focuses on 4 spheres that you will dive into in depth. We will spend 2 weeks on each sphere to allow you to really dig deep and get clarity.


This is your core talent, what you're here to do, and is birthed out of your core wound


This is the role you're here to play, and how you're meant to draw the right people to you


This is your essence, your vibe and how you make others feel. How you 'sell' yourself


This is what you receive from aligning to your energy and doing your work

Let your purpose give you the freedom to be yourself

Too many people leave this world with their purpose still inside of them, having lived a life of quiet desperation, wishing and wanting. The only thing standing between you and the greatness that lies within you, is the knowledge and activation to access it. We're giving you the key - come join us below.

2 Payments

$749 USD


  • 8-Week Program
  • Starts March 7th, 2023
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Replays Included
  • Lifetime Access
  • Small Group Setting
  • Private Group for support between sessions
  • BONUS 1: Gene Keys Summary for ease of understanding
  • BONUS 2: Personalized Human Design Report



Pay in Full

$1497 USD


  • 8-Week Program
  • Starts March 7th, 2023
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Replays Included
  • Lifetime Access
  • Small Group Setting
  • Private Group for support between sessions
  • BONUS 1: Gene Keys Summary for ease of understanding
  • BONUS 2: Personalized Human Design Report



bonuses you can't resist

We want this to be a smooth, seamless and easeful journey for you, which is why we're adding these incredible bonuses to accelerate your journey

Personalized Human Design Report

New to Human Design or don't feel like you know enough? No problem! We'll send you a fully customized report of your unique design and all the details you need

Gene Keys Summary

The Gene Keys themselves can be difficult to interpret. we've summarized each one for you so you can have a clear understanding of yours as you go through the journey

Don't take our word for's what others have to say

"Jess is magnetic! Her energy and knowledge she brings to the table is incredible and every session I've ever been a part of that she's facilitated has transformed my life in some way. Even as I thought I had dug deep into me Pearl Sequence, Jess opened my eyes to even deeper layers, so grateful!"


"Jess is my 'go to' manifestor who always inspires me into action! It was really her program that inspired me and gave me the courage to finally leave teaching.”

Bronwyn S.

Meet your incredible program guide, Jess Bubbico


Jess Bubbico is a 4/6 Emotional Manifestor who supports entrepreneurs in the online healing and wellness space with authentic messaging, marketing, and growth. Through her work, she invites her clients to follow their own internal creative juices and let go of what others have done before to find their own unique way of sharing their work with the world.

Jess is a super connector and loves connecting the right people with each other to grow, prosper, and change the world together. She is a world traveler and lover of all things human connection, community, and growth.

Questions? We have answers.

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