The 4 Arrows Cheat Sheet

Ever wonder what the 4 arrows are at the top of your Human Design chart? Download the free cheat sheet to understand how you're meant to take in information and interact with the world around you!

The Four Transformations

Each of the 4 arrows represents one of the following transformations:

  • PHS (Primary Health System) sometimes also called Digestion
  • Environment
  • Motivation
  • Perspective

These arrows (also referred to as Variables) tell you the ideal way in which you take in information from the external world and how you interact with the environment around you.

They give you insight into your nutrition, cognition, awareness patterns, where you are more focused and where you are more receptive.

Each arrow points to the left or the right, indicate a specific "color and tone", and there are 16 potential combinations of arrows.

If you're curious of how to interpret the arrows for yourself and/or clients, download the simple cheat sheet to walk you through it!

Download The 4 Arrows Cheat Sheet