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Become An Expert In Your Human Design Webinar

Hosted by Emma Dunwoody


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You're designed for joy, NOT struggle

Human Design is the ultimate guide for discovering your purpose and who you REALLY are, detailing your energetic blue print, the key to unlocking everything you need to know to understand why things don't work our for you or how to finally fix it and manifest the dream inside you waiting to be born.
Too many people die with their purpose never fulfilled, don't be one of those people!  You are here to leave a mark, to bring more, do more, give more and be more than your reality right now!
When I started my HD experiment I resisted it hard, however as soon as I dived deep into my design and gave myself permission to live in alignment with it, everything changed!
I noticed I was criticising myself for behaviours that are actually my superpower and I had created bullsh*t stories that where blocking me from my power and purpose, Human Design will set you free from everything that has been holding you back .
Human Design is an experiment, let me show you how to run your experiment and find purpose and meaning while healing your "stuff"!

In this 90 minute webinar you will discover how to uncover your purpose and come to know yourself better than you ever have before...


I will show you how to unpack your design step by step, unlocking your superpowers and purpose, letting go the conditioning  that's kept you stuck and becoming an expert in your Design.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.