UNPACK SESSION WITH EMMA: Discover Your Human Design Like Never Before

This is not a "reading" that will leave you with a bunch of information you don't know what to do with...this is a mind, body and soul integration of your design to create clarity, confidence & purpose


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Unpack sessions with Emma are currently on a waitlist - we open a few slots per month and will notify you via email when they are open to book. As much as Emma would love to do an Unpack Session for every person, her schedule requires that we open a limited number of spots.

Please keep in mind we also have some incredible coaches & guides on our team available for you to book sessions with, you can learn more here.

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Not just another Human Design "reading", this is an investment in YOU.

Are you new to Human Design and want to get a reading?

Are you curious about your superpowers and purpose?

Do you want to heal, shift, transform and change through understanding your Human Design?

Well you have come to the right place!

I remember when I first discovered my Human Design, it blew my mind how accurate it was but also completely overwhelmed me with it's complexity...I had to go to my mentor for session after session to make sense of my chart.

It took me a long time to learn all the parts of my chart and then longer to experiment with what was true for me, things resonated but I would also struggle with how to be in alignment with my design at the same time.

I didn't immediately understand my Strategy and Authority, I couldn't understand what "clarity" felt like because I usually felt like I trying to get clarity on everything without much success.

Being a line 3, I could see that the language was broken and very disempowering, the way HD was being taught by so many was telling us "who we were" instead of inspiring us to experiment with our energy to discover our Truth as encouraged by Ra Uru Hu and the Voice.

I feel that although HD has evolved from the disempowering language, there are still way too many readers and teachers sharing Human Design as a rule book and dogma and this is absolutely not what it's all about.

Human Design is an experiment, an opportunity to feel your way through life from a place of alignment, making decisions that are correct for you through the body and not the mind as we have been conditioned to do.

HD will guide you to fulfillment, purpose, abundance and love if you let it.

If that feels good to you, then come join me on an adventure to be more you, experience more ease and flow and dive super deep into your chart with clarity and actionable steps to integrate your design and heal your conditioning.

This Unpack is not a "reading", I will not tell you about your chart and then leave you confused about what to do with the information.

I will not give you lots of esoteric information that is hard to translate into action or leave you thinking "Now what am I meant to do with my HD?"

This Unpack is a very deep dive into you! In the session, we will focus on what's going on in your life, what do you want to transform, experience and heal?

I will directly answer all your questions and give you guidance for your mind, body and soul to integrate your design and create clarity, confidence and purpose.

With this Unpack, you will receive a recording of the session so you can be present during the session, no need to take notes at the time, be free to feel into the session and how your energy is responding to what is being discussed and shared.

This also helps you to remember the parts you missed or forgot, in many cases the things that you forget or miss are your superpowers but your beliefs prevent you from fully owning and integrating them, with the recording you get the chance to retrieve these deletions.

Next you will receive a PDF with every detail of your chart because there is a lot in there and we won't get to absolutely everything. This document means there will be nothing missed no matter what we focus on within the session.

After the session, you will receive the powerful journal exercise from my Purpose & Abundance Intensive that completely integrates your design. This exercise is an absolute game changer. 

What most HD teachers and coaches don't do is focus on integration of the design, they just teach or share the knowledge. With my years of experience in transformational and performance coaching, I know how to get you to actually BE in alignment, to turn knowledge into action and ultimately into alignment.

This Unpack is a program within itself, you will never be the same again after this experience and you will know how abundant, worthy and on purpose you really are. You will have the confidence to change and the tools to know how to change.

I'm super excited to join you on this life changing journey of being you, backing you and loving you!


What's Included in your Session?

Not just your average reading, get all of the tools and resources to integrate your design.

60 or 90 Minutes 1-1 with Emma

Depending on which session you choose, you will have either 60 or 90-minutes of uninterrupted time with Emma to unpack your chart and integrate your design

Session Recording

The session is recorded so that you can stay present, integrate and not think about frantically taking notes and trying to remember every detail. You will have the recording for life

PDF of Your Design

You will receive a PDF detailing every area of your design to help support you on each step of your journey and answer all of your questions. This helps bring the story of your design to life!

BONUS: Transformational Journal Prompts

What most readers don't do is give you tools to integrate your design. As a bonus, you will receive the journal prompts from my Purpose & Abundance Intensive

Unpack Session Options

Choose the session that's right for you below! Book a life-changing session for 60 or 90 minutes, or book a "connection chart unpack" for yourself and a partner to explore how your designs work together.


$666 AUD


 Approximate Price Conversions (subject to change based on current exchange rates)

USD $444

Euro $411

CA $605

60-Minute Session

Session Recording

Design PDF

Good For: Covering the basics of your design, beginners and asking specific questions

BONUS: Transformational Journal Prompts to Integrate your Design



$888 AUD


 Approximate Price Conversions (subject to change based on current exchange rates)

USD $595

Euro $549

CA $809

90-Minute Session

Session Recording

Design PDF

Good For: A deeper dive into your design and more areas of the chart, asking specific questions

BONUS: Transformational Journal Prompts to Integrate your Design



$888 AUD


 Approximate Price Conversions (subject to change based on current exchange rates)

USD $549

Euro $567

CA $765

60-Minute Session for Yourself & Partner

Session Recording

Design PDF

COVERS: How your unique designs work together, areas for growth and improvement, how to maximize the potential of your relationship



$1333 AUD


 Approximate Price Conversions (subject to change based on current exchange rates)

USD $827

Euro $850

CA $1,149

90-Minute Session for Yourself & Partner

Session Recording

Design PDF

Covers: Deep dive into relationship dynamics, how your energies work together, how to maximize the potential of your relationship and how to heal and grow together and separately


What Others Have To Say:

Don't take my word for it, here are what a few others had to say about their unpack experience:

"I loved the experience, I feel Emma covered everything thoroughly. One of my biggest takeaways was that there's no one way or one energy for me to try and perform anything, my soul came in with the ability to express many different energies at any given moment and I have permission to step into what feels good. I also loved the question 'who do I want to become?' SO PROFOUND."



"Everything was so spot on, Emma overdelivered - I absolutely loved it! Loved Emma's opening with the questions I had answered beforehand, adding if there was anything more."



"Understanding my human design has helped me understand and accept the things about myself that I formerly saw as weaknesses or flaws. I now see them as gifts, and can move forward with all of the great work I want to do in this world with confidence and more love for myself.

I have been doing the "work" of personal development for years, and none of it has really STUCK until now. It turns out that understanding (and accepting) myself through the lens of my Human Design was the crucial step I was missing.

I feel like I've been given wings!"

Dr Bri Grogan


"An hour with the legendary Emma Dunwoody, count me in!"

Donal Kearney

It's time to become your own guru, don't you think?

This session is about YOU. I'm not in the business of telling people who they are - but what I absolutely will do is empower you to discover your energetic potential and how to embody it.


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