Discover Your Unique Human Design

Included in your HD Unpack

What you need to know

Once you book and pay for your Session using the buttons below I will be in touch to book the best time for you and get your birth details for your unpack,  please have an accurate time of birth as this does effect the results.

The session will happen via Zoom and after the session you will receive a recording of your unpack and a PDF detailing your Human Design.

When you book a 60 minute or 120 minute session as well as covering whatever you want to cover, eg money, success, health, business, etc. you will also receive;

  • Type - your energetic signature and how you feel to others
  • Strategy - how you energetically interact with the world and communicate with the Universe
  • Authority - your primary decision making tool that will never lead you a stray
  • Profile - your how and themes to live out your purpose
  • Definition - where your consistent superpower lay and where you're designed for wisdom
  • Gates, Channels and Planets - the energetic themes, gifts and super powers that make up you!
  • Incarnation Cross - the purpose you're here to fulfil

And so much more!

Your Human Design Unpack

The 90 minute session is the best value by far, we go deep into your design and often get to your Variables and PHS as well.

The 60 minute session is a best one hour you'll ever invest in!!

Fall in Love with YOU!

HD is the ultimate permission slip to be you, once you connect to your own vibration you'll transform your life.

Uncover the REAL you!

We are conditioned from birth to be the person others want us to be, HD will set you free from your conditioning and align you to the real you!

Be Your Own Guru

HD will teach you how to make the best decisions for you and how to get yourself unstuck and aligned to your purpose and journey.

"Understanding my human design has helped me understand and accept the things about myself that I formerly saw as weaknesses or flaws.
I now see them as gifts, and can move forward with all of the great work I want to do in this world with confidence and more love for myself.
I have been doing the "work" of personal development for years, and none of it has really STUCK until now. It turns out that understanding (and accepting) myself through the lens of my Human Design was the crucial step I was missing.
I feel like I've been given wings!"

Dr Bri Grogan

Jenna Rossi - Energy Coach

"An hour with the legendary Emma Dunwoody count me in!"

Donal Kearney
Director of Business Development at 3:rock

For more have a listen to my podcast The Human Design Podcast

Ep. #11 Intro to Human Design, Ep. #20 Human Design Type part ONE and, Ep. #21 Human Design Type part TWO


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