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Well the time has finally come, I know it’s felt like a long wait for the doors to The Human Design Mastermind to open again but we’re now ready to blow your mind with the most incredible HD training that will surpass all expectations. First though we like to invite you to enjoy our “Become Your Own Guru” mini series.
“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” - Joseph Campbell
This is one of my all-time favourite quotes because it speaks to my soul, I have felt the truth of this my entire life however it took me many years, in fact decades, to really LIVE IT!!
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I know…it seems like it ‘should’ be easy to be yourself, to know yourself, but it’s just not! You are conditioned to be someone others think you should be from the moment you are born, you learn to stop trusting your innate wisdom and instead taught to listen to other people, other Gurus and force yourself to become who you think you ‘should’ be, all with this misguided assumption that you will one day feel happy, abundant and loved if you follow what others tell you you have to do.
I’m here to tell you that this strategy is broken and it’s total bullshit!!
Your soul comes into this life with an intention for your lifetime, the lesson’s it wants to learn, the human is wants to become and the contribution it wants to make and you have everything you need inside of you to live that intention, to live your Personal Legend as Paulo Coelho refers to it in The Alchemist, only, all of this wisdom, trust and love is lost as you grow up and experience the conditioning from parents, friends, school, tv, society, the media, etc.
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You learn from these outside sources that you have to be a certain way to receive success, abundance and love, that being yourself will only lead to pain so you stop being you!
As we launch this Mastermind the planet is going through enormous transformation, a huge energetic upgrade and giving you the opportunity to fall back in love with yourself and to show you it’s time to learn to master your energy and live your Soul’s intention, your purpose and live the gift of being yourself!!
Do you feel the energy of it?  Do you feel the invitation from the universe to throw caution to the wind and finally live your Soul’s purpose?
I know from 17 years of learning, experiencing, teaching and coaching that once you understand how you are energetically designed and you learn how to decondition the mind and put thinking back in the passenger seat where it belongs then miracles happen, life changes and finally you can live the life and become the person your Soul intends for you to be.

Check out this video series that will show you how to transform your energy and live the gift of being yourself!!

After you have watched ‘Become Your Own Guru mini series” you will be invited to sign up to The Human Design Mastermind to transform your energy and become a Human Design expert for yourself and for others.
In The Human Design Mastermind you will receive a huge transformation not just information, I will share all the pieces the others often leave out which blocks your transformation!!
I know, sounds awesome right? It is but don’t believe me, come join me and I’ll show you how live your Soul’s purpose!!
Big love, Mxx 
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