Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Hello and Welcome,

The following questions are to get you thinking about you and your life, I want you to become aware of the person you are at your core, the person and the mission you were born with that has been covered over by many years of programming, well meaning loved ones and beliefs given to you from the media, family and society at large.

I ask that you begin this journey with a clean slate, a new way of seeing the world that asks you to believe everything is possible and nothing is real except the beliefs, values, mission and reality you’ll chose to create.

Please know that this is not a speed coaching course, a golden bullet or a ‘fix it’ method and the more open and curious you become about you the faster you will connect with your inner you. HOWEVER be warned the more you force this process the longer it will take. This is an ongoing journey, an organic evolution of learning who you really are and for what purpose you have your very own unique personality.

You will experience bumps in the road, that’s what I’m here for as your tour guide through these lessons and fears and onto who you really are. I ask you to see yourself as Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, each day faced with a riddle or clue to decipher getting you a little closer to your treasure.

It is important to build the muscle of a fun and light hearted approach to these questions and life in general, with too much pressure we will find ourselves in SHOULD-land, the things we should be, do and have and these come from external influences and not from within ourselves and SHOULD-land never leads to happiness.

It is time to begin.

Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey, I look forward to guiding you to your own definition of success and happiness.

Big Love,


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