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What Are You Resisting...?

So I was on Insta yesterday playing with the question filter and this question popped up…

What do you love about yourself?

My instant answer was my courage and determination….totally surprising!!

I was reflecting on my answer later that night and wondered why I chose these attributes, why not my kindness and compassion? Or my confidence and enthusiasm? Or any of many other things I have come to love about myself…???

And it dawned on me…I was born kind, I have always been compassionate and enthusiastic and my confidence? Well, that turned up over time as I learned to value and love myself, but my courage and determination? Now that is something I have invested in daily, even when life was really hard and I had no self belief or trust in the Universe for that matter, these things I have built!!

My courage and determination is what bought me home to myself, my ability to feel afraid, anxious, not enough, even terrified and still move forward. The courage to...

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How Can We Heal Our Separation?

growth & purpose healing Apr 20, 2021

The fastest way to heal our global separation, that part of us that’s keeping you in scarcity and fear, is to heal the separation in each of us.

As long as we think someone else is better or worse then we believe we are better or worse, how do I know this is 100% truth without exception?

Because we can only experience out there (meaning in your reality/life/relationships/bank account) what’s going on in here (meaning your mind, soul and energy)

As we move toward this new era beginning in 2027 it’s on us to heal those parts of ourselves that we reject, ignore, put down and are ashamed of, its time to see our individual uniqueness as perfect and exactly as we’re meant to be.

That’s the power of Human Design it’s your uniqueness, your perfection and how you can live with flow, abundance and ease 

The Universe has given us this time to see that we can all be on the same team and completely different at the same time!!

We are a global team united...

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