Join Me In My Alumni Program

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it! You completed our 3 or 6 month coaching journey. You are now more aligned to who you came here to be, being YOU.

This is your invitation to join me in my 6 month Alumni Program.

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Maintain the Incredible Momentum We've Built

You're at this page because I LOVE working with you AND I would love to continue to build on this journey together.

Of course we want to keep the momentum up and so I'm extending to you an invitation to join me in the Alumni program where you can access coaching once a month, via ZOOM for 6 months and have ongoing support when you need it to continue to be your incredible, authentic Self! 

What's the Investment?

I want to keep this simple, so it's a $600 investment per month.

Sound great? Yes! Then click the button below and let's do this together!!

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